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Some news

2012-09-07 07:29:34 by Actionreplayfilms

It's been so long...

I've been thinking over from my cancellation of my old series, Super Smash Bros. It had ended in an imcomplete state. Only 2 episodes were produced and the 2nd episode I made was the day the elite force: Super Smash Bros, began their quest for the Power Stars... I will be changing it to Smash balls which will make Super Mario.

I did not want to end Super Smash Bros in an imcomplete state so I decided to bring back the series and start Episode 3 again. Now that I've improved my talent on Flash Animation. I'm going to make it more better.

I said I will bring back the series BUT I WONT UPLOAD IT ON THIS ACCOUNT! Instead I will be uploading it on my new account which has more fans than this account here. If you didn't notice... my new account is here...

Krazzygamer3y2: The new account...

Enjoy my new talent... and prepare for Super Smash Bros. to come back... totally remastered!

Guys, Actionreplayfilms is now gone!!! I'm no longer using it. I'm not going to bring it back! Sorry!

But now I've begun a new career! In flash making!!! Check out my newest page here!

Director of Action Replay Films

Terribly sorry...

2011-12-28 02:53:43 by Actionreplayfilms

So sorry guys, for some reason, some of my scenes are not working... so I've decided that I'll split them in two parts, if the second part causes a problem. I'll be splitting them to another prt. Wait till the first part is complete, it should be submitted.

Terribly sorry guys if I disappointed you.


PS- Pretty soon, A friend of mine is going to my website that he will host the Super Smash Bros rpg game.

1 day remains!!!

2011-12-22 22:10:32 by Actionreplayfilms

OMG! It's almost finished!Episode 3 will be coming on Christmas EVE but you may encounter glitches that I don't know how to fix it. So for the time being when it comes, just refresh the page, go to scenes & click on the scene it froze on. Mabye one day, I'll find out how to fix it. It's time to test my might! It'll be complete at Christmas Eve. Thank you.

Almost ready!!!

2011-12-21 21:19:52 by Actionreplayfilms


It's almost reay, about 85% still remains, I believe 2 more days should be the release date. It's an estimate, not sure what the real release date is. It should be ready by then, quite tiring, but after that submission, i'll go straight to work on episode 4. Till hen, be prepared.


PS: Oh, And check out my audio submission which will be coming after approval. This will come on the title screen.

My 3rd episode is almost finished, it'll be completed right before you know it. I'll be doing the 2 mmysterious charcter sprites who enter's Mario's world. As I said before, who are they? Do you know. Just take a guess & tell in the comments who the 2 characters from Sonic world, who they are.

I'v already completed 2 scenes of Episode 3 of the Super Smash Bros, it's still going well, don't tell me when is it going to be released. I'll only say this once. It should be released by about a fortnight. This is my own plot, own action, own animation so as a message to you Teejay number 13- I'M NOT COPYING SMBZ!!!!! Stop it okay, i'm tired.


P.S: Thank you blazingdragon for the sorrowful music.

Thanks NemesisTheory for the fighting music!

2011-12-17 19:46:10 by Actionreplayfilms

Oh yeah, this'll be good for my battling themes which will be featured in my Super Smash bros series. I'd have to thank NemesisTheory for that. The music (No more Tears & Final Fantasy VII - Fight 2007) My fighting scenes will become epic. Featuring 2 mysterious characters, who do you think they are.

(Clue: 2 haracters from Sonic World)

ARRRRRGH!!!! He gives too much SMBZ philosophy on my Super Smash Bros series, can anyone tell him to stop it!!! It just gives me the nerves.

Oh...he is annoying all right, but he didn't see my preview of Episode 3. Here is a picture on the bit that Mario tells Sonic what happened back then & how he got into Pikachu's world. The picture I'm showing is the time that Mario fights Bowser when the Mushroom Kingdom. This was one of the flash back. What do you think... nice.

Oh... this pic will be dedicated to Daniel Sun's (Power Star series)

PLZ leave some comments on the preview.

Sincerely- Superfilms911

teejay number 13 is annoying & a preview of Episode 3.

It's here!!!!!

2011-12-14 02:42:34 by Actionreplayfilms

Super Smash Bros ep.2 is finally out!!! Wanna see it, check out the search box & type in Super Smash Bros ep.2

Plus. Someone in my movies is a unique visitor, check the comments to see who it is. Leave th answer in the comments.