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teejay number 13 is annoying & a preview of Episode 3.

2011-12-15 20:32:10 by Actionreplayfilms

ARRRRRGH!!!! He gives too much SMBZ philosophy on my Super Smash Bros series, can anyone tell him to stop it!!! It just gives me the nerves.

Oh...he is annoying all right, but he didn't see my preview of Episode 3. Here is a picture on the bit that Mario tells Sonic what happened back then & how he got into Pikachu's world. The picture I'm showing is the time that Mario fights Bowser when the Mushroom Kingdom. This was one of the flash back. What do you think... nice.

Oh... this pic will be dedicated to Daniel Sun's (Power Star series)

PLZ leave some comments on the preview.

Sincerely- Superfilms911

teejay number 13 is annoying & a preview of Episode 3.


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2011-12-15 21:22:54 CH9b8

(Updated ) Actionreplayfilms responds:

Thanks... well... that is for the Sonic music. I'll make sure I'll use it for my 3rd episode, it'll be done by about say...a fortnight.