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Super Smash Bros ep.3 is 70% complete

2011-12-20 00:12:26 by Actionreplayfilms

My 3rd episode is almost finished, it'll be completed right before you know it. I'll be doing the 2 mmysterious charcter sprites who enter's Mario's world. As I said before, who are they? Do you know. Just take a guess & tell in the comments who the 2 characters from Sonic world, who they are.


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2011-12-20 07:57:27

good luck with that bro.

i guess sonic and knuckles.

Actionreplayfilms responds:

nice try... but wrong.

(Clue: 1 boy & 1 girl)

since you mentioned Sonic, he was alredy mentioned in ep.1, if you didn't see that, shame... don't you watch my series.

Thanks: superfilms911


2011-12-20 07:57:50

because those are the only ones i know. and the fat boss with red hair.