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Entry #11

Some news

2012-09-07 07:29:34 by Actionreplayfilms

It's been so long...

I've been thinking over from my cancellation of my old series, Super Smash Bros. It had ended in an imcomplete state. Only 2 episodes were produced and the 2nd episode I made was the day the elite force: Super Smash Bros, began their quest for the Power Stars... I will be changing it to Smash balls which will make Super Mario.

I did not want to end Super Smash Bros in an imcomplete state so I decided to bring back the series and start Episode 3 again. Now that I've improved my talent on Flash Animation. I'm going to make it more better.

I said I will bring back the series BUT I WONT UPLOAD IT ON THIS ACCOUNT! Instead I will be uploading it on my new account which has more fans than this account here. If you didn't notice... my new account is here...

Krazzygamer3y2: The new account...

Enjoy my new talent... and prepare for Super Smash Bros. to come back... totally remastered!


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2012-09-09 18:09:44

Great! :)


2012-09-10 07:34:38

Why do so many people keep switching to new accounts?